Monday, June 23, 2008

Strong Rock Camp

Strong Rock Camp rocks!! Karina has been given the opportunity to go to a wonderful camp for the last 4 years. It is in Cleveland, GA and I highly recommend it to any parent who would like for their child to have a great camp experience. Some friends of ours, James and Corie Himstedt, started a camp 4 years ago and it is the best summer experiences Karina has had. If interested, go to . It is awesome! Karina has taken a variety of classes while there including: archery, riflery, horseback riding, swimming, cooking, dance and canoeing.

This is Kooper supporting his big sissy and wearing her tribe's colors. She is an Awahili. There are two tribes at camp and they have tribal competitions. Karina comes home every year singing the new tribal cheers.

As the kids march in, they have show their tribe's sign and be very solemn. I told Jason this year that if I didn't know better, I would think that none of them had fun. But I know so much better than that!!!

Her camp counselors this year were "Shug" and "Button". Karina says that they were the best counselors ever!! Of course, I think that she has said this every year when she comes home.
"Shug" was one of her counselors last year and Karina was so excited that she got to have her again!
(Button on left and Shug on right)

This year, she stayed a week. They also have two week camps and she has gone to those two times. It is a wonderful experience beyond anything that we could ask for. Thank you James and Corie for the chance to come and enjoy it! While Karina was there this year, James and Corie had an addition to their family. Elizabeth Joy Himstedt was born. What an exciting time for their whole family!
Thank you so much again James and Corie for not only allowing her to come but also that you guys truly want her to come. She really wants to be a counselor as soon as she can!!! Although this year, some friends of ours from church brought their two kids and their youngest is 6 (I think). Karina took her under her wing even though she was from the other tribe (Boooo Waya Tribe) and helped her many times. As I was checking the pictures that they posted daily on the website, I kept seeing Karina and Maggie together. It was very sweet. Karina just loves to help other people. I just pray that the same sweet spirit continues through teenage years. I'm not asking for much, am I?

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Mama D! said...

Very nice site so far! It can be addicting trying to keep up with it all the time though. In fact, I'm ignoring 4 urchins right now to read it. ;)
Yes, Maggie is 6 and she loves her rival Awahili Karina.