Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

Last week, Jason and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary. It's hard to believe in many ways that it's already been 3 years. In others, it seems like it's been at least 10! We were able to go to a cabin in Ellijay for our anniversary. It was beyond wonderful! Thank you Ed and Judy! Jason and I headed up to the cabin on Friday afternoon. We got to the cabin and felt like we had walked into our home but it was SO much better than our home! We spent Friday and most of Saturday up there. Then, on Saturday, Mom brought up the kids. We all got to spend the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday together. We had so much fun! We played games and just hung out. It was my kind of getaway. We had nothing planned! So many times, we go on vacation and we're constantly "going". This was so nice because we just kind of stopped and enjoyed being a family. The cabin had a big jacuzzi tub and because of the water drought, we couldn't fill it up but we let the kids take a bath together with a little water. Of course, I had to put a swim diaper on Kooper or Karina wouldn't have dared to get into the tub!!! Even with it on, she was worried that the germs still might leak out of the diaper. Here's a short video of them playing together.

She managed to get over worrying about it too much! It was a wonderful weekend and we all had so much fun. There are a few more pictures for you to enjoy.

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Lois Edilson said...

Your weekend at the cabin sounded FABULOUS. Only one thing was missing--The Edilson's! A little word of advice: When tubing on the river, don't lose your shoe!!
Love, Lois (or Miss Lois, for Karina)